Oscar Scott Carl finalist at The Alexia Grant

Oscar Scott Carl has won Award of Excellence at The Alexia 2019 Student Grant by the Alexia Foundation.

The boys use an extreme amount of time on running and hiking outdoors as physical activity and nature are a very important part of the daily life. In general, the boys go around with their guards up, as they scan their surroundings to protect themselves. However, when they are pressed physically, they drop their guards and completely relax. Photo by Oscar Scott Carl from the series A Boy’s Home in Nuuk.

This Tuesday, the winners of the Alexia 2019 professional and student grants were announced. Oscar Scott Carl won Award of Excellence in the student category for his third term project “A Boys Home in Nuuk, which he made in the fall 2018. Oscar receives $500 and may attend a Momenta Workshop or MediaStorm Workshop during the calendar year after being named as one of only three finalists.

It is time for relaxing before dinner is served. The boys are watching youtube videos in the big TV-room. After dinner, the last part of the daily routines awaits. The boys take turn vacuuming, folding the laundry, washing the floors or dusting, depending on which day of the week it is. At 20:30 the boys go to bed. Early the next morning the alarm clock rings and a new day begins. Strict routines are an important part of the everyday life for the six boys. It gives the boys a sense of consistency and security, which they have never experienced before in their lives. Top left: Svend Erik (15 Years old), top center: Malik (12 years old), top right: Siiva (12 years old) Bottom center: (Lauritz 14 years old), bottom right: Paul (12 years old). Photo by Oscar Scott Carl from the series A Boy’s Home in Nuuk.

28 students were nominated for the student grant. Among these was also Shirin Abedi with her final Photo 1 project “May I have this Dance”, which she made in the spring 2019. Also former DMJX student Turjo Mahbub was nominated with his “Mother Died and Time Passed”, which he has made at his home university Pathshala.

Paul is the youngest boy in the house. He has been living in Kaassassuk for 1,5 years. He just met his brother for the first time in 6 months but only had 10 minutes with him, before he had to leave. Paul doesn’t know when he will see him again. Photo by Oscar Scott Carl from the series A Boy’s Home in Nuuk.