Two DMJX projects selected for Helsinki Photo Festival

The Helsinki Photo Festival has announced this year’s winning projects to be exhibited at the festival from the 7th of July to the 30th of September in Finland – among the winners are two DMJX stories.

“A Question of Honour” by Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Andreas Haubjerg has been selected for Helphoto – Helsinki Photo Festival 2020.

Sofia, 12 year, lives in a secret safe house somewhere in Jutland. From the portrait series “A Question of Honor”, which tells the stories of Danish girls, who live in Safe House Jylland.
Project made by Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Andreas Haubjerg
during their 7th term in the fall 2019.

“May I have this dance?” by Shirin Abedi is also among the 50 projects, which will be shown at Helphoto this year.

Mojdeh (20) streches in the evening after her rehearsal at home. Since some iranian dancers got arrested because their dancing videos went viral on instagram, Mojdeh keeps her account private for her safety. She often shares videos of her dance or workouts on Instagram. She says: ”Instagram is one of our few delights.”
Made as Shirin Abedi’s final project during Photo 1 in the spring 2019.

This year’s festival theme is Trust and photographers from 26 countries and five continents have been chosen by the international jury.