Katinka Klinge exhibits at Copenhagen Photo Festival

Katinka Klinge exhibits at the Copenhagen Photo Festival as a part of the project “Reconstruction of Identities”, which will open Wednesday the 10th of June at 5pm.

“Family Patterns” is a visualisation of a shared memory between Klinge and her twin sister. The photographs originate from the first time they went on holidays with their parents separately. Even though the sisters experienced different things on the vacations with respectively their mom and dad, it turned into memories of the same mind.
Photo: Katinka Klinge

“Reconstruction of Identities” is a combined exhibition by the photographers Katerina Buil Sanne De Wilde, Filippo Venturi, Marine Gastineau, Ana Amado and Martin Thaulow.

Together with these photographers, the exhibiton will consist of images made by Katinka Klinge and Clea Filippa Ingwersen, who praticipated in last year’s master class and have been selected by Copenhagen Photo Festival.
The exhibition will be in containers at Søndre Boulevard 49, Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

Katinka has bisected the holiday photos into squares so that the pictures from the two vacations collide throughout the series. The photographs and their background represent a type of system; they were four people and therefore, there are four areas on the paper – sometimes filled with a photograph, sometimes not.
“Family Patterns” is a reconstruction of two holidays into one story.⠀
Photo: Katinka Klinge
You can follow the project on Instagram: @reconstructionofidentities, @katinkaklinge_  and @copenhagenphotofestival.
Photo: Katinka Klinge