DMJX documentary selected for Odense Film Festival

OFF – Odense International Film Festival has announced the 129 short films from all over the world, that will be shown at this year’s festival.
The DMJX documentary “First Comes Love” is among the selected short films.

The DMJX documentary “First Comes Love” is produced by DMJX students Marie-Luise Struve, Nicklas Bøhm, Mathias Wintersø and Christian Lykking during the international TV-semester. Christian Lykking is a photojournalist student, whereas the others study journalism.
Screenshot from the film.
“First Comes Love” is a movie about homosexual love and the LGBT culture in Tel Aviv, Israel. Screenshot from the film.
The DMJX documentary is selected among 3000 submissions for OFF – Odense International Film Festival. The selected films come from 42 different countries and are divided into the categories; Animation, Documentary, The Youth Competition, The Danish Competition and The International Competition.
Screenshot from the film.
OFF – Odense International Film Festival will run from the 24th til the 30th of August, where “First Comes Love” will be screened. Untill then The full documentary can be seen here.
Screenshot from the film.