Katrine Noer exhibits Lockdown Diaries

When the world shut down, Katrine Noer mailed disposable cameras to people all over the world who wanted to document their life during their lockdown.

March 28, 2020
Day 13 of lockdown
Swollen hands. This last days I have become obsessed with washing my hands, they started getting swollen, they start to hurt while I wash or touch my hands.
Text and photo: Alan Ortiz, Mexico

The participants took one picture a day and added a note to the picture. When the film was out, the camera was returned, and the photos developed. Based on the pictures, Katrine has curated the exhibition Lockdown Diaries, which can be seen at Street Coffee in Vestergade, Aarhus.

April 4, 2020
Day 29 of lockdown
We are dreaming of liberty. At least we have our terrace!
Text and photo: Anna Mussotter, Bologna, Italy.

Lockdown Diaries remind us of a time when our plans were put on hold. A lovers’ quarrel. Birthdays without company. Two boys longing to play together. The rays of sun shining through the curtains of a bedroom.

Our little old canary. He doesn’t even sing anymore.
I can relate to him these days

Text and photo: Bünyamin Aydin, Istanbul, Turkey.

The project included countries like Greenland, Spain, Vietnam, Holland, Denmark, Israel, Australia, India – and many more.

April 8, 2020
Day 23 of lockdown
My girlfriend, Dora, is standing behind the white curtain.

Text and photo: Daniel Gaspar, Budapest, Hungary.

More photos from the project can be found on the Instagram account @lockdown___diaries.

Katrine Noer is currently doing her third term at DMJX. She was attending her second term when the school was shut down and she made this project.

Daniel and Hjalte reach out for each other from their gardens separated by a brook.
They both started school this week, and their parents decided that they couldn’t play with
each other since they are around too many different children at school for it to be safe.

Text and photo: Daniel Johansen, Silkeborg, Denmark.