Jacob Moscovitch’s “Holding Imma” at NPR online

Jacob Moscovitch‘s final photo story “Holding Imma” is presented online at NPR Picture Show right now.

My parents said goodbye to Israel after they got married. On her one-way flight to Los Angeles, Imma carried a jumbled archive of family photos. Those photos are all she has of her mother. Here, Imma stands for a portrait after a shower on April 14, 2020.
Photo: Jacob Moscovitch

On April 17, Jacob’s grandmother passed away from cancer in Israel. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family was not able to travel there for the funeral proceedings.

“Holding Imma” is Jacob’s personal story about his mother’s grief. “I realized that the most important thing in my life was to document what was happening outside of my bedroom door,” he said.

Red and blue hues spill onto Imma’s bedroom door from her younger daughter’s LED lights on May 10, 2020. In Judaism, marking one’s door with lamb blood shuns the angel of death.
Photo: Jacob Moscovitch

Jacob made “Holding Imma” as his final Photo Story during Photo I in the spring 2020. The pictures and the story are also shared on our Instagram.

My whole life, Imma has held me. Now, I hold Imma.
Photo: Jacob Moscovitch