First student exhibition at the new campus

Friday the 6th of November, our third term students launched their reportage exhibition as the first student exhibition at the new campus in Aarhus.

The students used the wooden walls around the Yellow Auditorium for their exhibition.
In the picture, Mads Frost has climbed the ladder, while Marcus Christensen is holding it.
Photo. Søren Pagter

The 13 third term students have made individual reportage stories in both images and texts. The pictures are now hanging in the front hall of the new DMJX campus in Aarhus and the articles are available in the exhibition catalogue.

Due to the Corona restrictions, the students couldn’t arrange a big opening reception as they’re used to.

Katrine Noer and Jonathan Damslund while hanging their prints in the front hall of the new campus. Photo: Søren Pagter

All the exhibition prints are made by former DMJX student, Benjamin Nørskov, who supported the students in making high quality prints.

Former student, Benjamin Nørskov (on the ladder) helped the students printing the pictures and hanging the exhibition. Photo: Søren Pagter

The students behind the exhibition are:
Rikke Kjær Poulsen
Nina Pilgaard
Stefan-Alexander Jagd
Magnus Hove Johansson
Liv Møller Kastrup
Anna Cathrine Christiansen
Tilde Døssing Tornbjerg
Marcus Christensen
Jonathan Damslund
Mathias Eis Schultz
Katrine Hørup Noer
Mads Andreas Frost
Anne-Dorthe Søgaard Jensen

The traditional group picture with masks.
Photo: Kasper Heden
And a fastly made group picture without masks.
Photo: Kasper Heden
Two students, Nina Pilaggard and Magnus Hove Johansson, have created an exhibition catalogue with all the articles, texts and captions for the exhibited stories.
Front cover image by: Rikke Kjær Poulsen