Final workshop in the Cairo programme

During the past three days, faculty teachers Gitte Luk and Søren Pagter have held the final workshop in programme “The Language of Photojournalism”, where 12 Egyptian photographers have participated in a series of four DMJX courses.

DMJX teacher Gitte Luk is giving text feedback to photographer May Hussein.
Due to the Covid-19 situation, the final workhsop was held online.
Photo: Søren Pagter

At this fourth and last workshop the focus was on finishing the participants’ final stories, which they had worked on during the autumn 2020. Gitte Luk and Søren Pagter gave individual text feedback during the first day and over the following two days, the pictures stories were edited in the class.

From the editing session with a story made by photographer Peter Loza.
Gitte Luk and Søren Pagter sat in a class room at DMJX in Aarhus, from where they went through all the images, commented on them and edited the stories
Photo: Gitte Luk

After this final workshop, the participants have a week to finalize their stories and then it’s the plan that the final stories will be exhibited at Cairo Photo Week in March 2021.

The 12 participants have been: Hala Makhlouf, Hadeer Mahmoud, May Hussein, Mariam Hisham, Mohamed Hozyen, Peter Loza, Anas Kamal, Mohammad Kotb, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, Mohamed Osam, Mahmoud Nada and John Nasr.

Søren Pagter in converstaion with photographer Anas Kamal
during the two days of editing.
Photo: Gitte Luk

The series of four workshops are made in co-operation with Photopia, Cairo and with financial support from DEDI, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative.

The first workshop was held by Søren Pagter at Photopia in the fall 2019. The second workshop about portrait photography was held by Mads Greve at DEDI in November 2019. The third workshop with focus on writing for photojournalists was held by Gitte Luk at Photopia in january 2020.