Andreas Haubjerg receives the Ritzau Scanpix Prize

Anders Haubjerg was acknowledged with the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA-project at yesterday’s online graduation ceremony.

Screenshot of Andreas Haubjerg while following the online graduation ceremony and celebrating his graduation and prize.

Andreas received the prize for his BA-project “A Real Man”, which he made in the fall 2020. “A Real Man” shows 16 personal stories about men, who have been victims of different kinds of domestic violence. The stories are told in portraits, texts and sound.

Lasse, 69 years.
After 35 years’ marriage, Lasse’s wife left him with their mutual debt.
“I couldn’t manage anything”, Lasse says.

Lasse’s story is told in text and sound as a part of Andreas’ BA-project.
Photo: Andreas Haubjerg

“A Real Man” are stories about men, who have been isolated from their kids. Men, who have had to ask for permission from their wives to meet with friends. Some of the men have been accused for things like incest and drug abuse – without any reason. Others have been hit or psychological degraded.

A computer image of Andreas Haubjerg’s exhibition “A Real Man”.
The video animation of the exhibition was part of Andreas’ BA-project
and the short video was shown at the graduation ceremony, yesterday.

Yesterday’s graduation ceremony was streamed from the campus at DMJX, since it couldn’t be held fysically due to the Corona restrictions.

Headmaster Trine Nielsen gave the graduation speech to the almost 200 students,
who graduated their BA’s in the fields of journalism, Communication,
Television Production and Photojournalism.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Photojournalist Julie Kristensen gave this year’s graduation speech
on behalf of all the graduating DMJX students.
Photo Søren Pagter
The Danish singer Aksglæde connected all the different speeches, awards etc.
with live songs that were streamed online.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Students and their families followed the graduation cermony from their homes.
Around 250 computers were logged on to the zoom meeting,
so between 700-800 people joined the event.
Photo: Søren Pagter