Nanna Navntoft selected for FUTURES Nordic Talents at Copenhagen Photo Festival

Nanna Navntoft is among the five photographers selected for the FUTURES Nordice Talents, which is a part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival that runs from the 3rd til 20th of June 2021 in Copenhagen.

“I was teased to the point I vowed not to eat a meal in school. I had one muffin a day, but it was not enough, so I ate the paper too”, Eve Gordon (21 years old). Eve used to suffer from Binge Eating Disorder. But luckily she retrieved the right therapy for her, and no longer suffers from it. She is in a good place now, but when she looks back on her time with BED, she says: ”I have moved on, but I remember it clearly. The other kids were laughing at me, when I didn’t eat the skin on a baked potato. I was so humiliated, that I never ate a meal at school again. I would then only eat a muffin. But it was too little, so I would sit on my chair and eat the paper too.” Photo: Nanna Navntoft

Nanna Navntoft has been selected based on her long term project BED – Binge Eating Disorder. Nanna has worked on the topic for around two years. She made her first stories during her internship at Politiken, then she continued during her exchange study at KABK in The Hague and finally her BA-project “Day 1” focussed on men, who suffered from over eating.

Since 2017, FUTURES has been offering programmes to increase the capacity, mobility and visibility to various artists selected every year by leading art institutions across Europe. As a new FUTURES partner, Copenhagen Photo Festival has created its new programme FUTURES Nordic Talents.

FUTURES Nordic Talents will be an integral part of the festival, where the five selected photographers will exhibit their works at the main exhibition park at Refshaleøen and they will present their works through artists’ talks and other activities.