Second term students launch magazine

Our 12 second term students have concluded a four weeks’ magazine workshop with the launch of their magazine “Lauelaai”.

Second term student Esther Kofoed Sørensen opens a bottle of “bubbles” to celebrate the magazine launch together with her class mates and teacher Mads Greve.
Photo: Søren Pagter

The magazine “Lauelaai” consists of ten stories from the Danish island, Langeland. The title “Lauelaai” is the old and local dialect for Langeland.

The students have received teaching and done research during the first of the four weeks’ workshop. In the second week, they all went together to Langeland to gather material for their stories. The past two weeks have been spent on writing, editing and layouting the stories for the magazine.

The magazine is both available on print and online.

The 12 students behind the magazine are:
Brage Borup
Hannah Aurora Almstrup
Kim Frost
Marius Nimmand
Christan Falck Wolff
Stine Schjøtler
Rune Øe
Frederik Danielsen
Anne Kiib Larsson
Anders Holst
Esther Kofoed Sørensen
Rikke Mathiasen

Teachers at the workshop have been:
Mads Greve – photojournalism
Gitte Luk – written journalism
Lars Prevelakis Bai – design and layout

The magazine is currently on display in the front hall at DMJX.
Photo: Søren Pagter