DMJX students win nine prizes at the Danish POY 2020

Friday the 7th of May, the winners of the Danish POY 2020 were announced at the award ceremony at The National Library in Copenhagen. Seven DMJX-students were among the 17 nominated photographers. The DMJX students won three first prizes and six second prices.

Foreign Reportage
Second prize – Rikke Kjær Poulsen

When the tourits have went home, Stella sneaks away to the beach. The water eases her heavy mind.
From the series “God’s Miracle on Fourth Floor” by Rikke Kjær Poulsen.
Rikke won second prize for the reportage story made during her third term at DMJX. Rikke is currently doing her fourth term and will start her internship at Jylland-Posten after the summer break.
Photo: Rikke Kjær Poulsen / DMJX / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Portrait Series
Second Prize – Liv Møller Kastrup

11:16 pm, Julie, 21 years: “I lack the ability to shut down when I’m supposed to sleep”. Julie’s father is seriously ill and she finds it difficult to let go and fall asleep. “It’s like having ten noisy radios turned on at the same time”. Every fourth young person in Denmark find it difficult to fall asleep. The portrait series tells about five young people, who all suffer from insomnia.
Picture from the portrait series “Sleepless” made by Liv Møller Kastrup during her third term at DMJX. The series won second prize in the portrait series category at the Danish POY 2020. Rikke is currently doing her fourth term and will start her internship at Jylland-Posten after the summer break.
Photo: Liv Møller Kastrup / DMJX / Danish Picture of the Year 20

Short tv/web story
Winner – Andreas Merrald

Screenshot from Andreas Merrald’s video production: “Tiny Mirror”. Through interviews and videos with five teenagers, the video tells about the use of the beauty filtres in smartphones.
Andreas Merrald won first prize in the category for short tv/web production with this video that he made during his internship at Politiken. Andreas is currently working on his final BA-assignment. Foto: Anders Merrald / Politiken / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Andreas Merrald did his hair at the stage before saying thank you for the prize at the award ceremony for the Danish POY 2020
Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Short tv/web story
Second prize – Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen

Screen shot from the video documentary “I’m afraid of Dying” by Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen.
The documentary tells the story about Line Rosengaard Carlsen, who suffers from OCD and anxiety. Line’s diseases have been especially challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The two students, Emilie and Marius, made the story as exchange students at
Lebanese American University in Beirut in the spring 2020.
Due to the Covid-19 lock down, they followed the exchange study from Denmark.

They’re both currently doing their internships.
Photo: Emilie Lærke Henriksen & Marius Renner Christensen / DMJX / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Danish Everyday Picture
Winner – Emilie Lærke Henriksen

Despite the political aims, less and less kids, who have lived and been raised at institutions, get an education. 16-year old Johannes Nadim Winkel (in the center of the image) is an exception to the statistics. He has participated in a learning programme and found a new community at Lunderskov Boarding School, where he attends nineth grade.
Emilie Lærke Henriksen won Danish Everyday Picture of the Year with this image made during her current internship at Information
Photo: Emilie Lærke Henriksen / DMJX / Information / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Emilie Lærke Henriksen on stage to receive her prize at the award cermeony for the Danish Picture of the Year 2020. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Danish Everyday Picture
Second prize – Marius Renner Christensen

October 2020. Linda and Kaj Christenen are going to put down 45 tons of healthy mink in order to avoid further corona outbreaks. They have breaded mink for 20 years and at this point, they were among some of the first farmers to get this noitce from the Government. Later in 2020, all mink in Denmark were put down.
Marius Renner Christensen received a second prize for this picture made during his current internship at Politiken.
Photo: Marius Renner Christensen / DMJX / Politiken/ Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Danish Reportage
Second prize – Mikkel Hørlyck

Picture from the series “A Life Lived is Worth Dying for”
Nanna, Pipaluk and Frederik lower the urn down at Herlufsholm Kirkegård, five month after Hans-Wiggo Knudsen has died from Covid-19. Due to the risk of the pandemic, it was not possible for the family to gather and bury Hans-Wiggo straight after his death as it is custom in Greenland, where they come from.
Mikkel Hørlyc received a second prize for the story, whihc he started during his internship at Politiken and continued to work on during his seventh term at DMJX. Mikkel graduated this March 2021.
Photo: Mikkel Hørlyck / DMJX / Politiken / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Sports’ Picture
Winner – Søren Vendelbo

IF Lyseng Springboard Diving in the south of Aarhus has 35 members between 7-77 years of age. They sent three divers to the national championship in November 2020.
Søren Vendelbo won first prize with this made made during a daily assigment for Jyllands-Posten, where he is currently doing his internhsip
Photo: Søren Vendelbo / DMJX / Jyllands-Posten / Danish Picture of the Year 2020

Søren Vendelbo makes a picture of diploma after having received it as proof of his first prize in the Sports’ Picture category at the Danish POY. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Visual tv/web story
Second prize – Andreas Merrald

Screen shot form the visual production that takes you into 20 people’s lives – lived in corona isolation behind the windows in an apartment builidng at Amager in Denmark during the lock down in March 2020
Andreas Merrald made the production “20 bright windows” during his internship at Poltiken.
He is currently working on his BA-project.
Production: Andreas Merrald and Politiken

In total 2.622 still pictures and 37 tv/web productions were submitted by 164 different photographers.

29 first and second prizes were handed out at the award ceremony – nine DMJX-students received prizes.

The Danish POY exhibition consists of all the winning images (first and second prizes). As an addition to the exhibition, the jury also selected 33 pictures that will be a part of the touring exhibition.

Eight students were selected to show single images at the exhibition. The students are: Katrine Noer, Liv Møller Kastrup, Louise Herrche Serup, Andreas Vinther, Mathioas Eis Schultz, Aleksander Gavriel Klug-Graf, Mikkel Hørlyck and Andreas Haubjerg.