Bernhard Poscher selected for Vilnius Photo Circle

Bernhard Poscher‘s project “Sad Socrates and Happy Pigs” has been selected for the photographers’ festival “Vilnius Photo Circle”.

“Sad Socrates and Happy Pigs” explores the Hästekasen farm, a community and expanding eco-project founded in 2010 in Sweden.
Photo from the project: Bernhard Poscher

“Sad Socrates and Happy Pigs” is among the 11 projects that were selected for “The Circle of Life” contest for the festival. Bernhard Poscher particioated in the festival on the 2nd of October, where the project was screened. Later this year, it will be exhibited.

Bernhard Poscher made “Sad Socrates and Happy Pigs” as his final Diploma Project during Photo II in the spring 2021. The project has just been shown on our Instagram, too.

Photo from the project: Bernhard Poscher.