Salih Basheer receives the 2021 W. Eugene Smith Student Grant

The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund has announced this year’s grant recipients and DMJX student Salih Baheer has received the $5,000 Eugene Smith Student grant for his project “22 Days in Between”.

Cover of Salih Basheer’s personal project “22 Days in Between”, in which he mixes drawings, family pictures, writings, his own pictures and self portraits.

“22 Days in Between” is a narrative journey looking back at the loss of Salih Basheer’s parents and the challenges of settling into a new home with his grandmother. The project was made as Salih’s Visual Project during Photo II in the spring 2021.

Spreads from “22 Days in Between”:

Salih Basheer has studied and graduated Photo I in the fall 2020 and Photo II in the spring 2021. Recently, he also received the The Everyday Projects Grant for “22 Days in Between”.
His study at DMJX was made possible through two scholarships from the VII Foundation.