Hashem Shakeri back at DMJX

We’re so lucky that our former students often come back to visit us and the school – and maybe also to develop their films or scan their work. But, it’s the first time that an alumni comes all the way from Iran to use our scanners. This past week, Hashem Shakeri has been back in Denmark.

Hashem Shakeri has come back to DMJX in order to scan the pictures from his recent project from Afghanistan. Hashem is on a short trip around Europe to visit friends and to buy films in Germany. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX.

Hashem Shakeri graduated our Photo I programme in the spring 2018, where he started his prize winning project An Elegy for the Death of Hamun.

Hashem Shakeri had to scan more than 100 hundred negatives, so he worked concentrated on two scanners at a time. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX.