Open School – both online and physical

Tuesday the 22nd February, we held online Open School events for interested applicants for our Danish BA-education. Recordings of some of the events are now available online and on Wednesday the 2nd March, you can visit DMJX physically.

Second term student Signe Lægsgaard Baadsgaard and fourth term student Rune Øe gave live interviews in the school’s studio during our online Open School Tuesday the 22nd February.
During the interviews, the two photojournalist students told about the application test, the content of the photojournalism study and the social life at DMJX.
Photo: Christian Falck Wolff

Wednesday the 2nd March, we’re ready to welcome future applicants physically at the school. You can sign up for a one hour meeting, where you will get a tour around the school, meet both teachers and students and have the possibility to ask questions about our Danish BA in photojournalism.

You can sign up for this physically Open School here.

Head of Photojournalism Programmes, Søren Pagter gave a short online information about the photojournalism education during the online Open School events.
Photo: Christian Falck Wolff

Sixth term student Rikke Kjær Poulsen, associate professor Mads Greve and Head of Photojournalism Programmes Søren Pagter answered questions about the BA in photojournalism at DMJX during the online Open School the 22nd February.
Photo: Christian Falck Wolff.