Exhibitions in Bodø, Berlin, Öland and Aarhus

Right now, four exhibitions made by current and former DMJX-students are on display around Europe.

Terje Abusdal – Slash and Burn

Terje Abusdal’s project “Slash and Burn” is exhibited at NOŪA in Bodø, Norway till May 1st 2022. Terje Abusdal began the project in the spring 2014 at DMJX, where the story was his final graduation project and he won the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for the project in 2017. Photo of the exhibition by Terje Abusdal.

Shirin Abedi – “May I Have This Dance?”

Shirin Abedi exhibits her project “May I Have This Dance?” at the Willy Brandt Haus in Berlin. Shirin won the Felix Schöller Award for the project that she started during her Photo 1 study at DMJX in the spring 2019. She continued to work on the story throughout 2019. The exhibition is open till June 12th 2022. Photo of the exhibition: Holger Biermann

Benjamin Nørskov – EPA Sweden

Benjamin Nørskov continues his exhibition tour around Sweden. This time, he is exhibiting at Öland’s Museum Himmelsberga from Friday the 15th of April. He has made a new series of images for this exhibition. Benjamin started the “EPA Sweden” project during his 7th term in the spring 2018 and continued to work on the story during his 8th term. Since his graduation, he has exhibited several places in Sweden and he continues to make new images for the project. Photo from the EPA Sweden project by Benjamin Nørskov.

Rydwan Ahmed – The Untouchables

Photo I student Rydwan Ahmed is exhibiting his project “The Untouchables” at Graven 29 in Aarhus, Denmark. Rydwan made the project back in Bangladesh and it is also printet in the recent edition of Citat Magazine. Photo from the release of the magazine and opening of the exhibition.