Launch of Photo I magazine with handmade cover

At a reception on Friday the 8th of April, our Photo I students released a magazine, where they have worked with stories under the topic “openings”.

Paul-Louis Godier, Ralitsa Belcheva and Yashovardhan Sodhani hanging the magazine in the front hall of DMJX. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Rachel Ellis and Sini Lukka cutting the circles on the front cover of the maagzines.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Sandipa Malakar finishing the magazine by polishing the hole on the cover.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

A box with the maagzines with handmade covers. Click the image to read the magazine onlinge. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Photo I students with the teachers Gitte Luk and Søren Pagter.

The ten photojournalists behind the magazine are:
Sandipa Malakar (India)
Teresa Menka (Ghana)
Rachel Ellis (USA)
Kim Christin Zeidler (Germany)
Paul-Louis Godier (France)
Mohamed Mahdy (Egypt)
Sini Lukka (Finland)
Ralitsa Belcheva (Bulgaria)
Rydwan Ahmed (Bangladesh)
Yashovardhan Sodhani (India)

The teachers at the workshop have been:
Gitte Luk (written journalism)
Lars Prevelakis Bai (layout)
Søren Pagter (photojournalism)

Guests reading the student magazine that is on display both at the school and online.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Several students and guests visited DMJX for the magazine reception on Friday the 8th of April. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Sini Lukka and Rachel Ellis on a photo shoot with the newly released magazine.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

A colour co-ordinated Sini Lukka and her magazine.
Photo: Rydwan Ahmed