Video documentary selected for Communication Arts competition

Aku Ratsula and Conor Courtney‘s video documentary “The Last Line” has been selected for the magazine Communication Arts’ competitions in visual communications.

Peter Dragsbæk is always by the sea. He is one of the last fishermen in surfing-obsessed Klitmøller, a small town on the northwest coast of Denmark.
Dragsbæk’s love for the sea permeates his life. When asked about what fishing means to him, he often leans back and wistfully says, “I can’t describe it.”
Klitmøller has been a fishing town for generations, but when windsurfers started moving to the town in the mid-1980s, its identity began to change. Now, the population has nearly doubled, while only a handful of fishermen have remained. Dragsbæk welcomes the influx of visitors and respects the surfers’ love of the sea, but recognizes that he may be one of the last to cast off from the beach that’s now packed with surfers.”
Screen shot from “The Last Line” by Aky Ratsula and Conor Courtney

Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. Aku Ratsula and Conor Courtney have been selected in the student category with their video documentary “The Last Line”, which they made in the fall 2021 during our Video Documentary workshop at the Photo I programme.

Aku Ratsula on Peter Dragsbæk’s boat while working on the video documentary “The Last Line” during our Photo I programme in the fall 2021. Photo: Conor Courtney

Conor Courtney filming for the documentary film about Peter Dragsbæk, a Danish fisherman from the town of Klitmøller. Photo: Aku Ratsula