Sandipa Malakar in The Times of India

During the magazine workshop at Photo I, Sandipa Malakar made a story about two Ukrainian refugees and their kids. Sandipa continued to photograph and be a part of the women’s lives, while she was studying in Denmark. Now, the story about Sandipa’s experience has been published in The Times of India.

The story about Sandipa Malakar’s work in Denmark on the front page of the newspaper The Times of India.

Sandipa Malakar together with the Ukrainian women and their children, whom she made a story about during her study at DMJX. Sandipa’s story can be read in the Photo I student magazine, Openings, from the spring 2022. Photo: Bente Foged Madsen

The article in The Times of India tells about Sandipa Malakar’s connection with the Ukrainian families and how they became friends despite the language barrier.