DMJX students at Cairo Photo Festival

Back to Raw, the third edition of Cairo Photo Week organized by Photopia is running right now downtown Cairo, Egypt. DMJX students and their projects are part of the huge festival.

Shrouq Gnonim is part of the curated group exhibition “Sard III” where 20 photographers from Egypt, Algeria and Sudan exhibit at The Factory Space during Cairo Photo Week from the 8th till the 18th February. In the picture, Shrouq Gnonim is giving an artist talk about her exhibited project “I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore”, which she made during the DEDI/DMJX educational program in 2022.

Part of Shrouq Gnonim’s project “I Don’t Feel Safe Anymore” at the “Sard III” group exhibition.
Shrouq Gnomin made the story in the spring 2022 as her final project during the DEDI/DMJX educational program.

Mohammad Kotb is also a part of the “Sard III” group exhibition with his project “Red Brick Dreams”. Mohammad Kotb started the project during the DMJX educational program in 2019. The educational program was made in co-operation with Photopia and DEDI.

Mohammad Kotb’s exhibition of the story “Red Brick Dreams”. After his graduation of the DMJX educational program, Mohammad Kotb continued to work on his story and in 2021, he received a mentorship award from the Arab Fund for Art and Culture and the Prince Claus Fund in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in partnership with the Magnum Foundation in New York, USA.

Salih Basheer is exhibiting his personal story and book “22 Days in Between” during Cairo Photo Week. Salih Basheer launched the book on Friday the 27th January at Ex Nihilo Photography Art Space in Copenhagen and on the 3rd of March there will be another book reception at Gallery Image in Aarhus. The book is published by Disco Bay.

Exhibition guests at Salih Basheer’s exhibition of his project “22 days in Between” that was made during his Photo 2 study at DMJX in spring 2021.

During Cairo Photo Week, three DMJX alumni Heba Khamis, Mohamed Mahdy and Fares Zaitoon were part of a panel debate on representation and ethics in documentary photography.