Salih Basheer’s “22 Days in Between” around the World

Since Salih Basheer has published his book “22 Days in Between”, the project has been the subject to much attention around the World. Here’s a short update.

Exhibition at Tasweer Photo Festival Qatar

“22 Days in Between” is part of the 2023 Tasweer Photo Festival Qatar, where it is exhibited at the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Mathaf from 15 March to 20 May 2023.
Photo from the exhibition by Salih Basheer
Salih Basheer beign interviewed for television about his project.
A guest examining Salih Basheer’s book at his exhibition at Tasweer Photo Festival Qatar.
Photo: Salih Basheer

Book launch at Gallery Image, Friday the 3rd of March

On Friday the 3rd of March, Salih Basheer had a second book launch at Gallery Image in Aarhus. “22 Days in Between” was originally launched with an exhibition at Ex Nihilo, Photography Artspace  in Copenhagen. Photo: Benjamin Pim Vairagi Nørskov


“22 Days in Between” has been reviewed in Washington Post, British Journal of Photography and PhMuseum. Image: Cover of the book