Jesper Houborg’s BA-project has been published, received a prize and will be exhibited

Jesper Houborg graduated in the spring 2022 with a project where he followed a group of young Afghan refugees and their families that had just arrived in Denmark. After his graduation, Jesper Houborg continued to follow the families and their new life in Denmark. Part of the project has been published both on print and online in the newspaper Information.

Opening spread of Jesper Houborg’s BA-project published in Information, Saturday, August 12.

The project “Evacuated to an Uncertain Life” was published over ten pages in Information on Saturday, August 12.

You can see the full project on Jesper Houborg’s website.

A part of the project will be exhibited at “Ungdommes Fællesmøde” in Valby Parken on September 6 and 7, 2023.
Final of he five spreads showing part of Jesper Houborg’s BA-project.

Before the summer break, Jesper Houborg received The Kravling Prize in photography for his BA-project. Picture of the prize statuette by Jesper Houborg.