Mikkel Hørlyck exhibits at Helsinki Photo Festival

Mikkel Hørlyck is among the 10 photographers selected to exhibit in the Nordic Village at Helsinki Photo Festival 2023.

Mikkel Hørlyck exhibits his project No Man’s Land about the refugee situation in Europe. He started the project as his final BA-project at DMJX in the spring 2021 and has continued to work on it since. Photo from the Helsinki Photo Festival.

No Man’s Land consists of two major stories; a reportage about refugees try to cross the border from Bosnia into the European Union and a reportage from a rescue mission with ‘The Search and Rescue team’ from Doctors Without Borders. Photo from the Helsinki Photo Festival.

Helsinki Photo Festival runs till October 30 and consists of more than 40 exhibitions, where ten of them are dedicated to Nordic photographers. All exhibitions are within this year’s theme “Courage”. In September and October learning activities will be organized as part of the festival.