Kishor Sharma’s “Living in Mist” published in Geo Magazine

Kishor Sharma‘s project “Living in the Mist” is published both online and on print in the German Geo Magazine.

Opening spread of Kishor Sharma’s story in Geo Magazine.

Kishor Sharma started the project back in 2011, when he was part of the a DMJX educational programme for Nepalese photographers that ran in Kathmandu.

In 2014, he studied at DMJX in Denmark and for his final project he went back and continued his work about the Raute community that is considered to be the last nomadic people of Nepal.

Two months ago, Kishor Sharma exhibited his story at Patan House in Kathmandu and released the book “Living in the Mist”. Read more about that here.

One of the spreads from Geo Magazine showing Kishor Sharma’s long term project “Living in the Mist” that started during a DMJX workshop in 2011.