Christian Falck Wolff received the Ritzau/Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA-project

At the graduation ceremony on January 25, Christian Falck Wolff received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for the best photojournalistic BA-project for his project “Djævlens værk”.

Christian Falck Wolff at the graduation ceremony listening to the motivation of his prize.
The prize was given based on Christian’s project “Djævlens værk” about the so-called Moros in Gambia. Moros are people, who help if you have mental diseases.
Photo: Signe Søholt
Faculty teacher Mads Greve reading the prize motivation from Ritzau/Scanpix’ editor in chief Kristian Djurhuus. In his motivation, Kristian Djurhuus called the images strong and surprising and the story really hard to get access to. Photo: Signe Søholt
The graduation ceremony was held in the Yellow auditorium at DMJX and included journalists, communication students and photojournalists. Photo: Signe Søholt