Sefa Eyol has won bronze in TIFA 2023

Sefa Eyol has won bronze in the category Editorial/Conflict at Tokyo International Foto Awards

Sergey, 62, after the Russian attack on Andriivka,Ukraine. He found his house completely destroyed. Sergey was working as a liquidator in Chernobyl and had built his house with money he had saved over the years. Sergey’s wife died 3 years ago from cancer. He lives in his car with a few belongings he took with him and waits for the Ukrainian Government to help. – Sergey: ” The thing that upsets me the most is that I lost all my memories from my wife, I came to find some of her belongings and our photos but everything was destroyed.
Photo: Sefa Eyol

The winning image is part of Sefa’s project “The Costs of Freedom” – a reportage project about the struggle of the Ukrainian people during the Russian attack at their nation. The project is made between April 2022 – July 2022 before Sefa Eyol started his study at DMJX. Sefa Eyol is currently a Photo 2 student at DMJX.