Two DMJX students selected for FUTURES Nordic Talents 2024

Mathias Eis and Frederik Danielsen are among the five young talents selected from 90 applications for FUTURES Nordic Talents 2024 by the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

Mathias Eis has been selected based on his project “Are we nearly there, yet”, exploring life at the 148 rest stops along the Danish highways. Although most people have visited one of these stops, few people attach any value to these places, but Mathias Eis’ keen eye transforms these otherwise bland locations. Mathias Eis holds started the project in the fall 2020 during his third term at DMJX and graduated from DMJX in January 2023.

Images from Mathias Eis’ project “Are we nearly there, yet”:

Frederik Danielsen has been selected based on his project “Brandtræer på Als” revolving around the myths of the Danish island Als, where the he grew up. Frederik Danielsen manages to evoke the viewer’s curiosity for these local places and stories by applying a photographic approach that combines documentary photography and conceptual art, using both his own photographic as well as found material from local archives. Frederik Danielsen has finished his study at DMJX and works on his BA-project.

Images from Frederik Danielsen’s project “Brandtræer på Als”: