Mohamed Mahdy has won the Photography Prize of the Fondation des Treilles

Mohamed Mahdy is one of the three photographers selected for the Photography Prize of the Fondation des Treilles.

Mohamed Mahdy has won the Photography Prize based on his project “Here, The Doors Don’t Know Me”, where he combines his own photographs with handwritten letters and private archival material from displaced local residents from a small fishing village that is a part of Alexandria, Egypt. As part of the bigger project, Mohamed Mahdy made a story about Tamer as his final Diploma Project at DMJX. Photo by Mohamed Mahdy and hand written text by Tamer.

Since 2015, in collaboration with local residents, Mohamed Mahdy has documented how inhabitants are suffering from the rapid urban development in Alexandria, Egypt. One of the chapters was added to the photo project while Mohamed Mahdy was a student at DMJX in the spring and autumn terms, 2022. Here he was part of the international photojournalism programme at DMJX in Aarhus on a scholarship from the ECCA Family Foundation.

The “Photography Prize” of the Fondation des Treilles was created in 2011 to help the production of photographic works on the theme of the Mediterranean world. The Prize is awarded to three photographers this year and includes a more than one month long stay at Les Treilles, where they can devote themselves entirely to the realization of their photographic project.