Christian Falck Wolff has won The Danish Picture of the Year 2023

Christian Falck Wolff, graduate from DMJX this January 2024, was announced winner of the Danish Picture of the Year 2023 at the award ceremony at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Friday March 1.

Danish Picture of the Year 2023 by Christian Falck Wolff.
Since 2020, a group of climate activists have occupied the village Lützerath in the western part of Germany. The activists are fighting against the expansion of a coal mine outside the village. Due to the expansion, the citizens of Lützerath have been moved and the village will be demolished. In the beginning of 2023, the authorities started to remove the people from the area and begin the expansion of the mine. Thousands of people from all over the World travelled to Lützerath to protect the village. This lead to clashes between the police and the activists. In the picture, the uniformed police have lined up to make sure, that nobody gets to the mine. Photo: Christian Falck Wolff
Christian Falck Wolff has just been announced the winner of The Danish Picture of the Year 2023 and is standing at the scene looking at the trophy. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset
Picture editor in chief Peter Hove, Politiken greets Christian Falck Wolff after the award ceremony, Friday March 1. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset
Christian Falck Woff holding his flowers and trophy gets a kiss from his mother.
Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset
Christian Falck Wolff together with Søren Pagter, Head of Photojournalism Programmes, DMJX. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset
After the award ceremony, Christian Falck Wolff was interviewed live for Danish television. During the afternoon, he was in several Danish Media. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

The Danish Picture of the Year is organized by Pressefotografforbundet (The Danish Press Photographers’ Association) and the exhibition can be seen at The Royal Library from March 1 till August 15, 2024.

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