Seven DMJX students won prizes at the Danish Picture of the Year 2023

Friday the 1st of March, the award ceremony for the Danish Picture of the Year was held at The Black Diamond, The Royal Library in Copenhagen.
Three photojournalist students won four first prizes and four photojournalist students won second prizes. One photojournalist alumnus won Long Term Project of the year with a story that started at DMJX in 2015.

The DMJX winners are:

International Reportage
Winner: Rosaline Ben-Baruch Lange

Opening image from the series “Vrajitore – The Witches of Romania” by Roasline Ben-Baruch Lange, winner of international reportage at the Danish Picture of the Year 2023. Cassandra (from left), Mihaela and Anda are performing one of their daily rituals. The witches are filming their performance and selling it through the internet to their customers around the World. Rosaline Ben-Baruch Lange made her winning reportage during her fourth term at DMJX in the spring 2023. Photo: Rosaline Ben-Baruch Lange
Rosaline Ben-Baruch Lange on stage receiving her prize for best international reportage of the year 2023. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Action Sport’s Picture
Winner: Axel Emil Hammerbo

Carlos Zamora, known in the wrestling community as El Guapo, celebrates his victory at a wrestling event in Amager Bio, Denmark, September 23. Axel Emil Hammerbo made his prize winning sport’s picture for Ekstra Bladet, where he is currently doing his internship
Photo: Axel Emil Hammerbo
Axel Emil Hammerbo after receiving his prize for best sport’s picture of the year 2023.
Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Foreign News Picture and Picture of the Year
Winner: Christian Falck Wolff

“Long Live Lützerath” is a news reportage that covers the protests against the expansion of a coal mine near the town of Lützerath in Germany. The police is trying to stop the protesters from getting down to the coal mine. This picture is no. 3 in the prize winning series of eight pictures. Christian Falck Wolff’s winning series was made in January 2023 where he spent a part of his days off from his internship at Politiken to cover the climate protesters. With the opening image from the series, Christian Falck Wolff won Picture of the Year 2023.
Photo: Christian Falck Wolff
Christian Falck Wolff giving a short speech after receiving his first prize of the day, the news picture of the year 2023. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Long Term Project
Winner: Betina Garcia

12 year-old Nayda Espinoza and her cousin Elisa Yamileth are posing for a selfie made by Nayda’s older brother. On Elisa Yamileth’s 15 years’ birthday, she is being escorted in a horse wagon to a traditional ceremony in the local church in the south of Kentucky. Even though, Elisa has never been in her parent’s home country Guatamala, she still wants the traditional ceremony that marks her transition from girl to woman. The picture is the opening image of Betina Garcia’s “Rancheros”, for which she won Long Term Project of the Year. Betina Garcia started her “Rancheros” project in 2015 as a DMJX student doing her exchange study at Western Kentucky University. She has visited the Espinoza family several times in the past years.
Photo: Betina N. Garcia
Betina Garcia on stage after receiving her prize. Photo: Lars Horn / Baghuset

Video Documentary
Second prize: Thea Tønnesvang and Sigrid Ellesøe

Thea Tønnesvang og Sigrid Ellesøe won second prize for their short video documentary “Push Start” about the twins Karl and Thomas from the remote island of Fur in Denmark. The two brothers have just becomer teenagers and are eager to get a license and to buy and drive their own scooters. Thea Tønnesvang and Sigrid Ellesøe’s video documentary was made during their third term at DMJX in the fall 2023.
Photo from the movie: Thea Tønnesvang and Sigrid Ellesøe
Sigrid Ellesøe and Thea Tønnesvang with their prize diploma at the Picture of the Year exhibition. Private image.

Open Category
Second prize: Emilie Toldam Futtrup

First picture of Emilie Toldam Futtrup’s series “Objectos”. The series shows different items that Mexican women carry in their bags to protect them in case of attacks by men. Emilie Toldam Futtrup’s series is part of her fourth term project made at DMJX in the spring 2023. Photo: Emilie Toldam Futtrup
Emilie Toldam Futtrup in front of her prize winning series at the opening of the Picture of the Year exhibition. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Single Portrait
Second prize: Benjamin Voldum Krog

Portrait of Lasse Dein, who has a humoristic Instagram account where he adresses subject matters like psychological vulnerability and finding yourself. He has also made a podcast series about masculinity. Benjamin Voldum Krog made his portrait for Politiken where he is currently doing his internship. Photo: Benjamin Voldum Krog
Benjamin Voldum Krog in front of his prize winning portrait at the Picture of the Year exhibition. Private image

The Danish Picture of the Year is organized by Pressefotografforbundet (The Danish Press Photographers’ Association) and the exhibition can be seen at The Royal Library from March 1 till August 15, 2024.

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