Owen Ziliak has won at NPPA

Owen Ziliak has won third place in the science category at NPPA 2024 Best of Photojournalism with an image made during his exchange study at DMJX.

Birding volunteer Michael Colley, from Gambia, untangles a screaming bird from one of the volunteer’s 18 mist nets, a thin net that catches birds in flight, on Sunday, April 16, 2023 in Skagen, Denmark. At the northern tip of Denmark, a small group of volunteers living in the Skagen Grey Lighthouse are responsible for collecting data on a common yet essential animal-birds. The volunteers, who usually stay at the station in Skagen for a handful of months, are often awake long before sunrise and work until sundown, adapting to a limited sleep schedule in order to maximize data collection. Photo: Owen Ziliak

Owen Ziliak made the picture in the spring 2023 while producing a video documentary about the bird watchers in Skagen together with his fellow exchange student Laura Collard.