Open School at DMJX

DMJX held two open school events last week for applicants for one of our Danish educational programmes.

Fourth term students Cecilie Rolvung and Sarah Arge in conversations with guests at the open school event at DMJX in Aarhus on Thursday, February 22. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

If you want to apply for the Danish BA in Photojournalism, you can learn more and apply through the official DMJX webpage.

Søren Pagter talking to interested guests about the structure, content and application process of the Danish Photojournalism Programme. Photo: Kasper Søholt/DMJX
The Open School events were held both at the new DMJX campus on Amager in Copenhagen and in Aarhus. Both places around 30 people came to learn more about the Danish BA in photojournalism. In the picture some of the guests are listening to Søren Pagter in the Yellow Auditorium in Aarhus. Photo: Kasper Søholt
Søren Pagter in conversation with a couple of guests in the front hall at DMJX in Aarhus.
Photo: Kasper Søholt