Three lectures last week

Last week from February 20 to 22, DMJX Photojournalism held three different guest lectures – two for all our students and one to prepare our fourth term students for their long documentary project.

DMJX alumni Christian Falck Wolff talked to all our students about his participation in the Canon Student Development Programme. Christian explained about the application process and showed both his own and projects made by other participants’ of the programme.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX
Photographer Jørn Stjerneklar and journalist Helle Maj held a morning lecture about ethics in the photojournalism industry. Through three different cases, they talked to the students about the importance of reporting in an ethical and factual correct way. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX
DMJX students from second and fourth term plus international programmes participated in the lecture with Helle Maj and Jørn Stjerneklar. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX
DMJX alumni Oscar Scott Carl talked about his documentary projects The Boys on Mountain Road and Scott’s House to our fourth term students. During the lecture, Oscar made small assignments for the students to prepare them for their upcoming long documentary assignment. Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX