Sina Niemeyer’s book "Für Mich" will be published by Ceiba

Sina Niemeyer‘s Visual Project “Für Mich”, made during Photo II in the fall 2016, will be launched as a book at the Kassel Fotobook Festival, which runs from the 31st of May till the 3rd of June.

Front cover of Sine Niemeyer’s book “Für Mich”. Photo: Ceiba.

“Für Mich” is published by Ceiba and can be pre-ordered here. Ceiba has also published an interview with Sina Niemeyer about the making of the project.

Spread from Sine Niemeyer’s book “Für Mich”. Photo: Ceiba.

In March and April, “Für Mich” was exhibited at Perugia Social Photo Fest, where Sina was awarded first prize in the category therapeutic photography.

Sina Niemeyer’s exhibition at Perugia Photo Fest. Photo: Perugia Photo Fest

Last month Sina Niemeyer’s project was shown at Odesa Photo Days and next month the PH Museum will publish an interview with her.