DMJX students exhibit at Photo Triennale Hamburg

This weekend the Triennale der Photographie started in Hamburg and together with HS Hannover, University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Magnum/SPEOS School of Photography, DMJX launched the exhibition “No Longer, Not Yet” made by 19 students from the three schools.

The container with the “No Longer, Not Yet” exhibition in front of Deichtorhallen in Hamburg. Photo: Jan Staiger.

“No Longer, Not Yet” is shown in a container in front of the famous Deichtorhallen, which is the center of the triennale. The exhibition can be seen until the 17th of June.

“No Longer, Not Yet” is the result of a co-operation between the three schools, where selected students from Germany, France and Denmark have worked on the topic “Youth in Europe”.

Posters of some of the exhibited stories decorates the container. On the left “A mind in Pain” by Louise Herrche Serup. On the right “The Bouyant Days” by Morten Lau-Nielsen. Photo: Jan Staiger.

This first “Youth in Europe” workshop was held in the spring 2017 and the DMJX participants were Louise Herrche Serup, Anne Bæk, Vibeke Volder, Morten Lau-Nielsen, Mathias fredslund Hansen, Andreas Haubjerg and Mads Claus Rasmussen.

Inside the container exhibition. Photo: Jan Staiger.

This spring we’ve held the second “Youth in Europe” workshop, where the 7th term students have participated. The stories from this second workshop will be exhibited later.

The exhibited stories are presented in a mutual magazine. Photo: Jan Staiger.