Mads Nissen gave an inspiring welcoming lecture at DMJX

Mads Nissen were back at DMJX yesterday to give the welcoming lecture for all our students. Photo: Søren Pagter.

Monday, former DMJX student Mads Nissen were back in Aarhus to give the welcoming lecture to the around 50 photojournalist students, who’re studying with us this autumn.

Around 50 students listened concentrated to Mads Nissen’s lecture. Photo: Søren Pagter.

During the two hour lecture, Mads Nissen talked about the making of his recent book “We Are Indestrucible”. He gave an inspiring insight in how he had worked in Columbia in the past two years.

Mads Nissen also shared a lot of his experiences in research, editing and fund raising.

After his lecture, Mads Nissen sold and signed books for the students. Photo: Søren Pagter.