Book release by Giulia Mangione

Giulia Mangione told about her project “Halfway Mountain”

at the book release at Gallery Image, yesterday.

Photo: Søren Pagter.

Giulia Mangione released her book, Halfway Mountain, at a reception at Gallery Image in Aarhus, yesterday. At the reception the staff at Gallery Image welcomed the students and told about the gallery and it’s current exhibition. Then Søren Pagter held a speech for Giulia Mangione, before she told the DMJX-students about her project. Finally, it was possible to buy a signed copy of the book.

Giulia Mangione started her project about the Danes while she was studying at DMJX in 2014. After her graduation she continued to work on the project and won a book dummy award, which encouraged her to finish the project.

Her humouristic and emphatic view on the Danes has now become a book published by the Swedish publishing house, Journal.


Around 40 DMJX-students filled Gallery Image for yesterday’s book release. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.

A peak into Giulia Mangione’s book “Halfway Mountain”. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.

Giulia Mangione in conversation with DMJX-student Rasmus Laurvig. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.