DMJX students at Visa pour l’Image

Seven DMJX photojournalist students are right now in Perpignan to participate in Canon Student Program at Visa pour l’Image.

Evening screening at Visa Pour l’Image.

Together with almost 200 students, selected from schools all over Europe, the DMJX-students participate in lectures, port folio reviews and present their work to one another. They also have time to see the exhibitions at Visa pour l’Image and to see the evening screenings.

Louise Herrche Serup showed her project “My Body is my Testimoni” for the other participating students.

The photojournalists participating from DMJX are :

Anne Bæk

Tahmineh Godazgar

Olivia Loftlund

Marie Bentzon Sørensen

Louise Herrche Serup

Peter Emil Witt

Andreas Haubjerg

Photograohy students from all over Europe gather at Visa Pour l’Image to learn and discuss photography. Here the students meet in smaller groups to discuss each other’s work.

 Tired students the bus stop on the way home.

Faculty teacher Mads Greve is also at the festival, where he conducts a week long workshop for for a group of Danish educated photographers, who’re at the festival to get new inspiration.