Nine third term students exhibit at Dokk1

Nine third terms students have been a part of a portrait project arranged by photojournalist Liv Høybye from Aarhus Municipality and are now exhibiting their portaits together with Liv Høybe at Dokk1

Liv Høybye has worked with life stories, where she portrays and interviews old citizens to re-tell their stories. Her last project focussed on elderly people, who could remember The Second World War in Aarhus.

While working with this project, Liv Høybye reached out to our third term students, who had the possibility to join her in her meetings with the elderly people and then the students also made portraits of the protagonists.

Nine students participated in this work and had their pictures selected for both the exhibition and magazine, which has been made to collect all the stories.

The nine students are Sarah Juncker, Sophie Voisin, Julie Kristensen, Frederik Nordhagen, Tobias Kobborg, Kasper Heden Andersen, Oscar Scott Carl, Mads Frost og Christian Nordholt.

The above pictures are from the opening of the exhibition last week at Dokk1 in Aarhus, where it can still be seen.