Two former Italian students show their projects

Giulia Mangione and Ilaria di Biagio are showing their DMJX projects right now – Giulia at ICP in New York and Ilaria in the Italian magazine MIND.

From the 5th till the 11th of March images from Giulia Mangione‘s book Halfway Mountain will be projected at ICP – international Center f Photography in New York.
During the day the work is presented on monitors and during the evening hours images are projected onto the windows of the ICP Museum and can be viewed from the sidewalk at 250 Bowery, New York.
Giulia started her project in 2014 while studying at DMJX. Last year, she finished the proejct and published the book Halfway Mountain.
Photo: Giulia Mangione
Ilaria di Biagio’s project “Fragile” is published in MIND Magazine’s March issue.
Ilaria started her project back in 2011 during her study at Photo II. Fragile is the collaboraticve project made together with Ilaria’s younger sister, Gioia, who suffers from rare bone disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.
Photo: Ilaria di Biagio.
One spread of Ilaria di Biagio’s project “Fragile” published in MIND Magazine’s March issue.
Photo: Ilaria di Biagio.