DMJX students at Visa pour l’Image

Seven DMJX students are participating in this year’s Visa Pour l’Image as a part of Canon’s Student Devlopment Programme and Andreas Haubjerg, who participated in the programme last year, was selected for screening at this year’s festival.

On the way to Perpignan from Barcelona. Five of the DMJX students, who have been selected for Canon’s Student Development Programme; (back from left to right) Sille Veilmark, Christian Nordholt, Jens Hartmann Schmidt, (front) Laura Bisgaard and Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen. The other two participants are Emma Line Sejersen and Tobias Kobborg.
Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen presenting her work to her group. The almost 200 students from all over Europe were divided into groups with with different mentors.
Photo: Laura Bisgaard.
Christian Nordholt showing his work to his group. He and Emma Line Sejersen had Patricia Morvan, Agency VU as mentor. Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.
Professor Francis Hodgson, University of Brighton presented Tobias Kobborg’s story “No One Could Catch Me” on the last day of the Canon student programme. Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.
The students visited the festival exhibitions together with their group. They discussed the curation, hanging and differences in styles with their mentors. Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.
Tobias Kobborg carries Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen to one of the evening screenings in Perpignan. Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.
Andreas Haubjerg‘s project Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! was screened Thursday night at Visa pour l’Image. Four students from last year’s student programme were selected to be shown at the main screening this year. Photo: Laura Bisgaard