Last two DMJX talks

Wednesday and today, we held the last two in a series of four DMJX talks, where some of the students, who had won at the Danish POY, talked about their projects.

Nanna Navntoft talked about her project about compulsive eating, which she has worked on for almost two years, now. Nanna won the category “Long Term Project of the Year” at the Danish Picture of the Year.
She started her project during her internship at Politiken. She has continued working on the story during her 7
th term exchange study at KABK in Hague and during her 8th term at DMJX. At the talk, Nanna shared a lot of the pictures that she had made, but that didn’t work as a part of the series. She also showed her varoius edits of the project and explained why she had chosen the specific images.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Oscar Scott Carl talked about his story, which won “Danish Reportage of the Year”. Oscar made the story over two and a half day in the summer break.
During the lecture, he explained that he had to prepare for the project because model releasaes were needed in order to photograph the children.
Carl also showed a lot of his images from the project and explained, how he had decided for the final edit.
Photo: Søren Pagter