DMJX online talks

The Covid-19 shut down has resulted in a constant change of teaching and workshops. In order to provide our students with extra online input, we have arranged DMJX talks with some of the Danish students, who won at the Danish Picture of the Year.

This Tuesday afternoon, the first two talks were held by:

Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker, who won both “Picture of the Year” and “News Picture of the Year” with the picture on the screen in the above picture.
Sarah talked about how she made the image at official news event only on her second week as intern at Information. Sarah showed her raw files that lead to the prize winning image.
Photo: Søren Pagter.
Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Andreas Haubjerg, who won “Portrait series of the Year”.
The two photographers explained how they had to work with encrypted e-mails and high security due to the safety of the girls in the safe house.
Laura and Andreas talked about how they got ideas for the anonymous portraits and how each portrait has various layers and specific approaches and are made in co-operation with the girls in the pictures.
Photo: Søren Pagter

In the following days, we’ll continue with talks by:
Nanna Navntoft, who won “Long Term Project of the Year” (Wednesday) and Oscar Scott Carl, who won “Danish Reportage of the Year” (Friday).