Seven DMJX projects selected for the Lumix Festival

Five still picture stories and two digital stories made at DMJX have been selected for the 7th Lumix Festival, which should have been held from the 24th till 28th of June in Hanover.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis the original festival has unfortunately been cancelled. Instead, the organizors have transformed the festival into a digital festival, which will take place from the 19-28 June.

The digital festival will consist of live talks, interactive discussions and podcasts. There will be online presentations and the selected stories will be exhibited. Just like at the original festival, it will be possible to participate in portfolio reviews. Finally, this year’s winners will be revealed in a digital award show.

Five out of the 50 selected still pictures projects are from DMJX while two out of the 18 selected stories within the category for digital story telling are made at DMJX.

The selected DMJX stories are:

Hear Our Voices by Anna Fritsche.
Made during Photo 1 programme in the fall 2019.
The New Weapon Against Maleria by Benjamin Nørskov.
Final BA project, made together with journalist Betina Illemann Larsen in the spring 2019.
A Question of Honour by Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Andreas Haubjerg.

Sofia, 12 year, lives in a secret safe house somewhere in Jutland. From the portrait series “A Question of Honor”, which tells the stories of Danish girls, who live in Safe House Jylland.
Made during their 7th term in the fall 2019.
EPA Sweden by Benjamin Nørskov.
It all started with a loophole in the Swedish legislation. If you modify a car enough, you can legally register it as a tractor, and you only have to be 15 to drive a tractor on the Swedish roads. In the ’60s a group of eager teenagers in rural Sweden took advantage of it and with this, they founded a whole new way of teenage life – the EPA-tractor culture was born. It quickly became popular to cut up cars and turn them into tractors and today more than 12.000 of the highly modified, personalized vehicles cruise the Swedish roads with a top speed of 30 km/h. They make up a Swedish subculture.
Made during his 7th term in the spring 2018 as a part of our Youth in Europe workshop and he continued to work on the story during his 8th term.

May I have this dance? by Shirin Abedi.
Mojdeh (20) streches in the evening after her rehearsal at home. Since some iranian dancers got arrested because their dancing videos went viral on instagram, Mojdeh keeps her account private for her safety. She often shares videos of her dance or workouts on Instagram. She says: ”Instagram is one of our few delights.”
Made as Shirin’s final project during Photo 1 in the spring 2019.
Kandaka – Women of the Sudanese Revolution by Helena Lea Manhartsberger.
Iman Osama wears the scarf an mask which she used to wear at demonstrations: “During the manifestations people would always wear pale colours because the National Intelligence Service (NISS) spotted people by colours and chase them.
After three decades of dictatorship of the Islamist hardliner Omar al Bashir, the people of Sudan took to the streets peacefully, demanding his resignation. They built a huge protest camp in front of the military headquarter in Khartoum and didn’t leave even when the military arrested al Bashir. Nearly two months later the security forces ended the peaceful protest and dispersed the sit-in with a massacre. Estimated 128 people were killed and over 70 raped on 3rd of June 2019.
Made as Helena’s final Diploma Project in fall 2019.
Für Mich by Sina Niemeyer.
“You taught me how to be a butterfly only so you could break my wings.” The project „Für mich“ is the artist’s autobiographic story of sexual abuse.
Made as Sina’s Visual Project in fall 2016.

Current DMJX student Rafael Heygster is also selected for the Lumix Festival with his project “I Died 22 Times”, which he made before studying at DMJX.