Shirin Abedi wins Deutscher Jugendfotopreis 2020

Shirin Abedi has won Deutscher Jugendfotopreis 2020 with her story “May I have this Dance?”

Sometimes Yasamin (22) dances on the rooftop of her home. Many Iranian women dream of singing and dancing under the sky of their homeland. Photo by Shirin Abedi.

Shirin started the project about women dancers in Iran as her Final Project during Photo I in the spring 2019. After her study at DMJX, Shirin has continued to work on the story, which is also selected for this year’s Lumix Festival.

The German Preis for Young Photographers was established in 1961 and has since then supported young talents within photography.

Yasamin reconciled with her boyfriend and they are at the artificial „Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf” in Tehran. Almost a decade ago, reationships between unmarried women and men were a taboo among the majority of Iranians. Back then, couples could be arrested by the morality police for their relationship. Nowadays having a girl- or boyfriend is much more accepted in the Iranian society. Photo: Shirin Abedi.