DMJX talk with Andreas Merrald

We’re continuing our series of DMJX talks where students share their experiences with one another. Today, Andreas Merrald, who is currently interning at Politiken, talked about his isolation project where he interviewed and photographed 20 of his neighbours from his balcony.

Andreas found the contact info of his neighbours by using Google Maps.
Screen shot from the lecture by Søren Pagter.
Andreas did a lot of the technical work on the online story himself, while he was isolated in his apartment. But, he also told that he was lucky to be interning at a newspaper, where there was a lot of technical support and desire to tell online stories.
Photo: Søren Pagter.
Andreas showed how he organized the overall video connecting his 20 neighbours in the presentation. Photo: Søren Pagter.
One of the portraits from Andreas’ project. Shot from his balcony into the apartment of Sheila and her daughter. Photo: Søren Pagter