120 listeners for the talk with Aida Muluneh

Today, we held the second of a series of talks arranged in co-operation with OsloMet and Canon. Aida Muluneh gave a very inspirational talk for the 120 listeners.

120 listeners from all over the world joined today’s talk with Aida Muluneh.
Photo: Søren Pagter

“99 per cent of photography is human interaction”, Aida Muluneh said during today’s online lecture, where she explained how she is working with both photojournalistic and fine art photography.

Aida Muluneh explained how she found inspiration in the everyday life and talks with people – just like other art forms like music, poems etc. influenced her work.

Aida Muluneh gave a both historical and contemporary view on Ethiopian photography during her online lecture today.
Photo: Søren Pagter

Aida Muluneh’s advice to the young photographers was that they should do all kinds of photography. “There is work that’s necessary for the stomach like wedding and commercial work and then there is work for the heart – the personal work”, she said.

We are continuing the series of online talks in the following weeks. Wednesday the 6th of May at 2pm CET, Ivor Prickett will give a lecture and Thursday the 14th of May also at 2pm CET it’s Simona Ghizzoni, who will present her work.