Shirin Abedi wins the F3 Award at the Lumix Festival

This afternoon, the winners at this year’s Lumix Festival were announced at an online award ceremony.
Shirin Abedi won the F3 – freiraum für fotografie Award for her story “May I Have this Dance”.

Sometimes Yasamin dances on the rooftop of her home. Many Iranian women dream of singing and dancing under the sky of their homeland..
Picture by Shirin Abedi from her story “May I have this Dance”

Shirin’s project documents a ballet group from Iran, it takes us into the lives of young women in Tehran and shows us their intrepid struggle for an emancipated life.

Shirin started the story as her final Photo Story during her Photo 1 study at DMJX in the spring 2019.

Mojdeh streches in the evening after her rehearsal at home. Since some iranian dancers got arrested because their dancing videos went viral on instagram, Mojdeh keeps her account private for her safety. She often shares videos of her dance or workouts on Instagram. ”Instagram is one of our few delights.”
Picture by Shirin Abedi from her story “May I have this Dance”

Mads Greve and Søren Pagter have been a part of the Lumix Festival, where they have done online port folio reviews.
Søren Pagter has also been a part of the jury at the festival and at the award ceremony, he motivated the jury’s choice of the The Lumix Photo Award that went to Ana María Arévalo Gosen for her project “Dias Eternos”.