Hashem Shakeri has won Tokyo International Photography Competition

Hashem Shakeri has been selected as the Grand Prix winner of the 7th edition of Tokyo International Photography Competition.

A portrait of Mohammad, a 42 year old man, looking out of an abandoned mosque located at the heights of the former Takht Shah Village. He is covering his face with a shawl to protect himself from the adverse consequences of 120-day andstorms. As a former resident of the village, Mohammad says that all of the residents have left the village more than three years ago because of drought. The deserted village of Takht Shah, Azbol.
Photo: Hashem Shakeri.

The Tokyo International Photography Competition (TIPC) was created to provide an opportunity for photographers to present their artistic visions beyond their country’s borders and open up the possibilities for cross-pollination and cross-border collaborations.

Each year, a jury composed of acclaimed photography professionals from around the world nominate 8 talented photographers whose work is exhibited as part of an international traveling exhibition.

Hashem Shakeri started his winning project “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun” as his final Photo Story during our Photo I programme in the spring 2018.